Delivery & Installation

Your community’s warning system equipment will be factory-delivered directly to West Shore Services’ Allendale facility. Our technicians will assemble and mount the necessary parts prior to loading on to one of our special air ride trailers for delivery to your installation site.

We utilize our own staff and equipment and are a licensed electrical contractor so we can provide the entire installation process.

We take responsibility for the entire project. Installation is as easy as 1-2-3 with our project management skills. We even handle the site selection, Miss-Dig, and electrical needs.

Custom Solutions

Do you need sirens in hard to reach or unconventional places? If your community’s siren placement calls for a custom solution, our staff has the ability to customize any installation to meet your needs. We handle the design, fabrication and installation to control costs and assure a quality solution.

We can handle specific needs as well including:

-RF Services
-FCC Licensing