Campus Alerts


Campus Alert Systems

West Shore Services Warning Systems provides integrated campus-wide alert systems.

In addition to natural disaster and severe weather alert systems, West Shore Services Warning Systems can help you plan and implement discrete warning systems for the special needs of large or small campuses. With the rapid advances in mobile communications equipment, critical situations need to be handled quickly and discretely to avoid alarming campus populations. Alert systems can be customized to provide public notification or discrete alerts to security and public safety personnel to allow situations to be managed in a safe and controlled manner.

Campus-wide & Controlled Alert Systems

In addition to general warning speakers and strobe alerts, campus alert systems allow fully integrated solutions to drill down to dormatories, classrooms, study areas or office complexes via cell phones, pager, email addresses and computers on your network.

At West Shore Services Warning Systems we can design, install, test and manage complete systems or individual components. Our factory-certified technicians and licensed electricians have the ability to provide turnkey solutions with in-house staff and equipment or can act as a sub-contractor to existing grounds and planning departments.

West Shore Services has been providing municipalities, local governmental agencies, military facilities and private industrial warning systems for over 30 years and is the exclusive distributor of industry leading, Federal Signal warning systems in the state of Michigan. We are also authorized representatives for Federal Signal in eastern Tennessee, out-state Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina and have client installations from the eastern seaboard to the state of Texas. View our SERVICES page, look at our FAQs Blog or CONTACT US directly to see how we can meet your warning system requirements.