West Shore Services has factory certified installers for most major furniture systems. We help customers rearrange and relocate their office furniture systems. We have warehousing services as well so we can remove, store and reinstall during building remodels or new construction.

Office System Staging

West Shore Services can accept office equipment from your shipping sources, store them in our warehouse and deliver them to your site when you are ready for installation. With this service, your furniture is staged and ready for installation when your site is completed without any downtime.

Office System Re-location

Re-locating your office furniture? Our factory-certified installers can disassemble existing office furniture, store it in our warehouse, accept additional components and re-install it in your new location when your new site is ready for this furniture.

Office System Warehousing

West Shore Services can accept new furniture for staging, store furniture for relocations and/or warehouse excess inventory for future use.

For additional information contact Kevin Sturtevant at ksturtevant@westshoreservices.com or call 1-616-291-0768.